The Road to a Solid Financial Future

Start your real estate investing education today

A weekend, a week, or even a month is not enough time to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to achieve a lifetime of success in real estate.

This is why we designed a 12 month program to ensure you get the time you need to become an informed, confident, ready-for-action investor. 

The Real Estate Achievement Program (R.E.A.P.)

From Rookie to Rock Solid in 12 Months

Becoming a Rock Solid Real Estate Investor Takes Time

Think about how long people attend school for to get the skills needed for a career. You wouldn't expect to take a weekend course in accounting and expect to be assessing company books the following week, would you?

Becoming a real estate investor is no different. There is much to learn, understand, and prepare for, but with preparation comes the foundation to prosper. 

That's where the Real Estate Achievement Program comes in.

Gary Spencer-Smith & Doug Meyers explain the full details of the R.E.A.P.

Who is the Real Estate Achievement Program for?

  • Are you wanting to use real estate to build wealth in your life?
  • Do you want to gain quicker momentum to taking ACTION to invest WITHOUT spending tens of thousands of dollars to get there?

We teach you how to discover a system that works for you and achieve success in a way that supports you and YOUR life goals.



We are giving our Reap Students 50% off 1 on 1 mentorship with our Rev N You Team. 

Email Access

Our Rev N You team is here to support you along your journey to success. 

Online Learning

Take your course from your computer, tablet or phone. 


Reap students get to meet other investors and the chance of new deal opportunities.



Course Curriculum 

A full real estate investing education. From strategies, tools, and systems that puts you straight into action. 

Weekly Webinars

Every week our students come together on our weekly webinars. Depending on the request from students will depend on the topic. This is a good time to get your questions answered or areas where you are stuck. We share them in this space as it can benefit others too.

Deep Dive Destination

The start of the program is to really dive deep to get to know where you are at and what your destination is so we can figure out how we are going to get you there.  We will kick off with a 1 on 1 Mentor Call.  It is critical to know why you want to invest in real estate. Once you determine your end goal its much easier to guide you down the right road. 

The Foundation of real estate investing

Learn the basics and fundamentals of real estate investing. This section is all about discovering the possibles and creating opportunities. This will help you have more sophisticated conversations with other investors. 

REIN Canada's REIC Online Course Access

Access to REIN canada's online program. 

Joint Ventures & Raising Capital

We dedicated a lot of time to this topic because its where most people get stuck. All learning how to raise money and create joint venture deals.

Property Management Intensive

Weather your going to manage your property yourself of hire someone else to do it for you. It is very important you learn this section if your going to be a real estate investor. Our Rev N You team has expert advise on property management from a investors point of view.

Business Systems

We will share our systems to make sure you set up your investments powerfully from the start. 

Action Plan

Before your done the program you will get one last call with our investment experts to create an action plan moving forward. 


The question simply boils down to this:

Do you want to be a real estate investor? 

This course is not for the “dreamer” or the person who refuses to leave their house to do deals. We are going to show you every step of doing a great real estate deal. You are going to know exactly where to invest, how to spot a good deal, and what to do once you’ve found it. You will be ready to put tenants in the rental and start collecting monthly rent checks. And, you’re going to know how you need to set up your office so your business isn’t a mess after a few months.

We're going to take you through every step of the process and lay it out simply for you. If you don’t know where to start to become a real estate investor, maybe you have tried it and are stuck moving forward, or maybe you just need those few golden nuggets to send you in the right direction, then this is for you!

Pricing Options

1 Year Program




1 Year Program


One Time Payment


"When I reached out to Rev-N-You a year ago, I was looking for guidance on how to approach my next investment. Having already purchased one property some years before with mediocre success, I wanted to implement a tactical strategy on my future investments. I was fortunate enough to align with Gary from Rev-N-You and I haven't looked back. He's given me the education to succeed through the REAP program, as well as the 1 on 1 coaching necessary for success in the real estate investing game. The ability to draw on the knowledge of an expert when you're unsure of the next move is INVALUABLE! Taking away only 1 insight from an industry expert can honestly save you tens of thousands of dollars. Gary has given me far more than that, and has taught me to implement the proper systems and procedures to run my properties like a business."

Jordan Falk
R.E.A.P. Student