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1 Year Real Estate Investor Education

Becoming an Established Real Estate Investor Takes Time

A weekend, a week, or even a month is not enough time to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to achieve a lifetime of success in real estate.

This is why we designed the 12 month Real Estate Achievement Program (REAP) to ensure you get the time you need to become an informed, confident, ready-for-action investor. 

Think about how long people attend college to get the skills needed for their career.

Becoming a real estate investor is no different.

There is much to learn, understand, and prepare for, but with preparation comes the foundation to prosper. 

That's where the Real Estate Achievement Program comes in. 

Included in the Real Estate Achievement Program

1-on-1 Coaching

With this Program you'll get 2 scheduled coaching calls with Rev N You Coaches Gary Spencer-Smith or Doug Meyers. We will be there for you when needed.

Email Access

Our Rev N You team is here to support you along your journey to success, so throughout the Program you'll have full email access to our support team for any questions you have.

Online Learning

Computer, phone, or tablet, the Program modules are available online through your device of choice. Complete the Program at your own pace - speedy or slow the choice is yours! 

Weekly Webinars

REAP students get access to our weekly webinar & group coaching session! Learn with fellow REAP students, ask questions, and set your weekly accountability action items.

Who is the Real Estate Achievement Program for?

Are you:

  • Wanting to use real estate to build wealth in your life?
  • Create and maintain momentum for taking ACTION to invest WITHOUT spending tens of thousands of dollars to get there?
  • Willing to invest the time and energy in yourself to develop a practical understanding of the real estate investing strategies that are right for YOU?

If this sounds like you, the Real Estate Achievement Program is the supporting asset you've been looking for.

In our 12-months together, we'll teach you how to develop the systems that work for you and achieve success in a way that supports you and YOUR life goals.


Program Outline 

A full real estate investing education including strategies, tools, and systems to put you straight into action. 


1. We want to know YOU

Almost everything requires an introduction! We want to get to know you and where you are at in real estate. We will sign you up for the weekly webinars, introduce you to our team, and (maybe) get you started on a little bit of homework!


2. Design Your Life Vision

When we hear someone say they're stuck, feeling unmotivated, undisciplined or procrastinating, we can say with near 100% certainty that it's because they don't have a crystal clear vision that's aligned with their authentic truth.

Understanding where you want to go is critical to your success as a real estate investor, which is why in this section you'll learn the importance of having a vision for your life, and how establishing that vision is key to determining the action plan for your real estate investing journey.


3. Deep Dive Destination

In conjunction with designing your life vision, you'll take the time for a deep dive to understand where you are at now in relation to your destination, so we can figure out how we are going to get you there. 

During this time you'll schedule your first 1-on-1 coaching Call to discuss why you want to invest in real estate, where you're currently at, and where you want to go. Together, we'll help you establish the initial steps on your path to your definition of real estate investing success.


4. The Foundations of Real Estate investing

Learn the basics and fundamentals of real estate investing. This section is all about discovering the possibilities and creating opportunities. This will help you have more sophisticated conversations with other investors. 


5. REIN Canada's REIC Online Course Access 

In addition to our own Rev N You Modules, we are proud to provide REIN Canada's Real Estate Investing In Canada Course WITHIN the REAP program to further enhance your fundamental knowledge of real estate investing!


6. Education & Implementation

Once you have the knowledgeable skills it's now time to learn how to implement them.


7. Joint Ventures

We dedicated a lot of time to this topic because it's where most people get stuck. We will share our Joint venture wisdom and make sure you have the tools to be successful at it.


8. The Art of Raising Money

This topic has a lot different aspects to it. From the mindset behind it to the presentation skills to the types of learning styles potential lenders are. This is a critical section whether you have the money or your looking for the money.


9. Property Management Intensive

Whether you're going to manage your property yourself of hire someone else to do it for you. It is very important you learn this section if you're going to be a real estate investor.

Our Rev N You team has expert advise on property management from an investors point of view.


10. Business Operations

We will share our systems to make sure you set up your investments powerfully from the start. 


11. Mindset of An Investor

In any career you learn and grow in the field, and so do we mentally as humans. We want to give you a boost with our mindset tricks for when shit hits the fan and you may think "this sucks." Personal development is huge when it comes to finding and attracting partners. 


12. Action Plan

Before your done the program you will get one last call with our investment experts to create an action plan moving forward and the rest of your investment career!

The question simply boils down to this:

Do you want to be a real estate investor? 

This course is not for the “dreamer” or the person who refuses to leave their house to do deals. We are going to show you every step of doing a great real estate deal. You are going to know exactly where to invest, how to spot a good deal, and what to do once you’ve found it. You will be ready to put tenants in the rental and start collecting monthly rent checks. And, you’re going to know how you need to set up your office so your business isn’t a mess after a few months.

We're going to take you through every step of the process and lay it out simply for you. If you don’t know where to start to become a real estate investor, maybe you have tried it and are stuck moving forward, or maybe you just need those few golden nuggets to send you in the right direction, then this is for you!

Pricing Options

1 Year Program


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1 Year Program


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"When I reached out to Rev-N-You a year ago, I was looking for guidance on how to approach my next investment. Having already purchased one property some years before with mediocre success, I wanted to implement a tactical strategy on my future investments. I was fortunate enough to align with Gary from Rev-N-You and I haven't looked back. He's given me the education to succeed through the REAP program, as well as the 1 on 1 coaching necessary for success in the real estate investing game. The ability to draw on the knowledge of an expert when you're unsure of the next move is INVALUABLE! Taking away only 1 insight from an industry expert can honestly save you tens of thousands of dollars. Gary has given me far more than that, and has taught me to implement the proper systems and procedures to run my properties like a business."

Jordan Falk
R.E.A.P. Student