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Here at Rev n You we provide real estate investing education mainly for people just getting started or looking to expand their portfolio. We believe in providing quality content to ensure maximum results at an affordable price. We want to be the foundation to your future success because you deserve it!

Rev n You's history 

Rev n You all started in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, Canada. Co-founder's Juile Broad and Dave Penuik spent their lives since their early 20's investing in real estate back in 2002. They didnt know what issues to look out for. They wish they had programs available back when they started to mitigate the mistakes they made. They decided to create their own education based on their "learn the hard way" experiences. Julie Broad wrote the book called MORE THEN CASHFLOW - THe real risks & rewards of profitable real estate investing. Once they decided to step back, they moved to California to go life their dreams.

New ownership begun in 2019 to our new Rev n you team; Gary Spencer-Smith, Karysa Brossoit, and Doug Meyers. We plan to keep all Dave and Juiles original Courses and knowledge apart of Rev N You. We are constantly keeping up with the real estate economics and rules to ensure to help guide our students in todays conditions. With all three of our combined experience along with Dave & Julie's we plan to provide a more advanced school for our students. 

Our Education Partner

The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) was founded in 1992. Today they are Canada’s most trusted real estate investment education, analysis, research and strategic leadership resource.

The Rev N You Team

Gary Spencer-Smith

Gary has been around for many years and started life in the UK where he first invested during his time in the Royal Navy, He emigrated after 11 years service which saw him travel all over the world and then ended up on Vancouver Island Canada. Investing on the Island for over ten years he has won awards for his strategies and been nominated for countless others. Gary enjoys the lifestyle investing in real estate affords him and has a passion for helping others change their financial futures by using real estate as the catalyst. "When I see people finally realize they can totally change their lives, its like a light goes on, then they know what is truly possible for their lifestyle and the future of themselves and those around them, that's why I teach!"

Karysa Brossoit

I enjoy living life and the activities that it offers. I hike for 7 days at a time, play many sports including soccer, hockey and snowboarding. I create art paintings and have a passion for personal growth.

Right out of high school I didnt like the idea of picking a career doing a 9-5 job and having to work those hours to get paid a set amount of money for the rest of my life...

I analyzed that lifestyle…. First of all, I don't want to work my life away!!  Do these people really have spare time to do all the things they truly want to be doing in their daily lives? 

Something didn't feel right to me... Then it found me... I discovered real estate investing! I am now passionate about investing and want to help other explore a better future too.

Doug Meyers

Doug is a former mining engineer that used real estate investing to provide the income required to leave his previous full-time employment, allowing him the opportunity to pursue other passions and business interests with his full attention. He currently has a residential rental portfolio of condos, duplexes, and triplexes across Western Canada, and is a partner in an active flipping business in Regina, Saskatchewan. 

An award winning investor and Keyspire Success Story, Doug is also host of The Grow Give Expand Podcast, where he speaks with entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors to uncover the personal practices and systems that help them live successful, meaningful lives.

"My passion lies in helping people millennials achieve their financial and lifestyle goals, using real estate investing as their vehicle to do so."


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