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Dear Future Investor,

Real estate investing can be scary. It can be really hard to know if you are making the right decisions for you and for the market conditions. When I was a new investor all I really wanted was someone to walk me through what to do to pick a market, find a good deal and make money from it. I wanted someone who was doing what I wanted to do and who cared about my success. And, when I put every penny I had into my first two deals, I wanted someone to show me how I could keep buying properties without money of my own.

Have you ever...

  • Felt stuck because you can’t figure out what market will be the best to invest in?
  • Found a deal you thought would be a good one but you weren’t sure? So you walked away.
  • Worried about how you will get the money to do all the deals you want to do?
  • Lost sleep thinking about the bad tenant stories your uncle told you about?
  • Read book after book and taken course after course looking for the solution you need to take action, only to feel like you still don’t know what steps YOU need to take to get where you want to go?


What to prepare for:

Each class has specific homework and IF you take action on the steps each week, I can show you how you can choose the right market for you, pick a strategy that makes sense for you, build the right team, find a property that will cash-flow, how to create a great deal and get it funded, and set yourself up to attract great tenants and manage the property for maximum profits.

  • I WILL show you step by step everything you need to choose your market, find your deals and manage your property.
  • Be prepared to work very hard in this e-course. I’m not simply going to give you a data dump and run your credit card. There is a lot of information to cover and action steps to take to get your first deal done.
  • And, because I am serious about your success. You’ll also receive a couple of bonuses to help you while you go through the material.
  • This is a recorded class. One you can totally do at your own pace. You can do the classes from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. You don’t have to fly to Port Alberni to work with us. You don’t need to clear your schedule for the classes. It allows you the freedom to do your studying and homework when you make the time.
  • When you sign up you’ll receive the entire course almost instantly. No waiting to get started. You can start right away. If you are ready to work…so am I.


Here’s some of the other things you’ll learn:


  • Dozens of secrets to start building a real estate portfolio in your spare time. Instead of buying yourself a job, learn how to invest your money and let it grow without having to work crazy hard every single month.
  • How to overcome the biggest obstacle to getting started in real estate investing: FEAR. Our program crushes your fears with step-by-step, easy to follow instructions – plus you’re automatically booked to have a call with me 3 weeks after you sign up. That’s right … this is not a course you can order and let it sit on your shelf … YOU HAVE TO SPEAK WITH ME! I’ll ask how things are going. I will check in to see if I can help you get unstuck … if you haven’t done anything it is going to be a waste of a call that is worth approximately $250.
  • Not all markets and not all properties are created equal … and (as recent history has taught us) real estate does NOT always go up in value. But our simple process teaches you where and what to look for, takes the guesswork out.
  • How to analyze properties for their cash-flow potential – literally in seconds – with our easy-to-use tools and techniques.
  • Why risk-reduced investing, and the fundamentals of real estate are essential to learn first. It takes a bit longer overall than the “guru” way – but it’s far less stressful, a lot safer … and requires a lot less time each week.
  • The 3 different ways to make money from just a single rental property. This powerful concept sets real estate apart from almost any other type of investment!
  • The #1 skill of a master negotiator … why it’s so important … and why all the so-called “power” tactics the real estate gurus teach wind up being counterproductive …
  • Know the industry lingo: We’ll teach you the legal terms, tax issues, and real estate “vocabulary” that you need to know … so other professionals will take you a lot more seriously.
  • Self-management vs. hiring a property manager: We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both, so you can decide which one is best for you.
  • The 5 ways to protect yourself from a bad property manager – follow our hard-won lessons, and you’ll never make the gigantic mistakes we did!
  • How to not only find, but keep good tenants (it’s easier than you think, but many of the gurus hardly go into this simple, yet critical part of the process!)
  • 7 things to do – and NOT do – as a landlord. (Like most of our advice, it’s the attention to detail in handling tenants that makes all the difference.)
  • … and much, much more!

Course Curriculum

Week #1 – Creating Your Plan

In this class we’re going to cover a lot of the basics. While you may already have a handle on some of the basics we still encourage you to complete the workbook that goes with it. This is the foundation that we are building on for the 7 classes. Before you move onto Class #2 you should complete the Gap Analysis, the Financial Assessment as well as have an idea of where your gaps are between where you are today and where you want to go.


  • Net worth calculator
  • Cash flow calculator
  • Quick cash flow evaluation calculator

Week #2 – Becoming an Area Expert

In this class we’re going to dive into your market area. We won’t spend a lot of time on City selection as that training was covered in the Quick Start Guide, however, we will do a review of the research you should be doing. Then, we’re going to dive into the strategy that allows you to create great deals in almost any market … becoming an area expert. This week your homework is to finalize your market area, narrow your search down to a neighborhood and complete the Market Area Grid and the Property Comparison Spreadsheet for 5 properties. It’s a lot of work in the field so dive in right away!


  • Property Market Area Grid
  • Property Comparison Worksheet
  • Property Comparison Examples

Week #3 – Building Your Team

In this class we’re going to help you identify the key members of your team. We’re also going to spend some time discussing where to find them, how to screen them and what you should expect of the key players on your team. This is a shorter class but still an essential one for all real estate investors.

Week #4 – Funding Your Deals

In this class we’re going to help you understand how banks look at deals and what you need to do to be as attractive as possible to lenders. We’re going to teach you what you need to know so you can ask questions, get the best rates and best mortgages for you and your business.


  • Debt to Income Calculator

Week #5 – Doing Great Deals

Where do you find deals? When you find one with potential how do you know if it will cash-flow? What is it’s market value? What price can you pay? How do you estimate renovations costs? Are there ways to make deals cash-flow when the numbers don’t work at first? Finding deals with potential is only a tiny portion of what you need to do as an investor and we’ll cover what you need to consider before you make an offer on a property.


  • Rehab Video Part 1 and 2
  • The 1% Rule and GRM

Week #6 – Creating Great Deals

What can you do to make sure you’re getting the best results from your team? What if your realtor isn’t working well for you? What needs to go into an offer to purchase? In this module we’re covering the essential need to know terms, definitions, opportunities and challenges that arise when you put pen to paper and start inking the deals.


  • Property Inspection Checklist
  • Cover Letter for VTB and P&S Agreement Template
  • P&S Agreement Template
  • Purchase Addendum Template

Week #7 – Making Money Each Month

This is a BIG subject so it should not surprise you to discover that we have a lot of things for you inside this module including a giant workbook, ad samples and more. We’re covering everything from tenant selecting to book keeping to real estate business tips. This one module is packed full of tips that will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of headaches. Enjoy the ride!


  • Sample Rental Ads
  • Before and After Rental Ad Sample
  • Sample RTO Ad
  • Cover Letter for VTB and P&S Agreement
  • P&S Agreement Template
  • Purchase Addendum Template
  • Templates:
  • Tenant Walk Thru Checklist
  • Tenant Reference Check Form
  • Sample Kijii Ad
  • Salmon Road 3
  • Charles RTO Ad

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